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Office wallpaper creates a productive work environment.

Creating an upbeat space can enhance your interior design with options in, textured wallpapers. Custom mural wall coverings, can add accents to spice up any interior design. The Wallscape online showroom will offer ideas for creative applications.

Office wallpaper

  • Enhance productivity – create a calm, engaging, or energizing atmosphere with various color and pattern selections
  • Wall coverings are less expensive than painting in high traffic locations, and will look new for a longer period of time
  • Reduce noise in offices by dampening interior echo noises with wall coverings
  • Save on overall energy by adding an “R” value of insulation for all seasons
  • Class A fire rated wall coverings for commercial applications, meet the code of most buildings in the USA
  • Visiting clients will enjoy a professional working environment
  • Functional interior design for any space can translate to better customer relations overall

Corporate Offices such as law firms, publishing companies, and financial institutions have included textured wallpapers to enhance interior design for many years. A professionally well maintained interior environment is a crucial component for our clientele’s image, enabled by our product design.

Property owners can enhance tenant space by installing, wallpaper in hallways. Commercial Interiors that include wall coverings in most common areas such as meeting rooms, lobbies, and hallways, can obtain higher per square foot rental leases with a Class A building design.

Wall coverings enable a clean environment because they are washable. Regular cleaning intervals of wall coverings can take place simultaneously with building cleaning operations.

Washable wall covering, best practices are performed with a 20 inch wide moist flat pad. Rinsed with antibacterial detergents, proper maintenance can keep an office environment sanitary for many years.

The costly process of regularly re-painting an office space to maintain cleanliness, and appearance, can burden building managers. Work is usually performed off hours, as not to interrupt the occupying tenants, while at the same time increasing a buildings operating costs.

Architects, and interior designers specify certain wall coverings in office buildings for an overall professional atmosphere. Architectural firms also know by specifying wall covering finishes throughout their projects, can offer a unique signature toward their interior design. People sometimes spend more time in the workplace than in their own home. Designers create productive environments in many different ways with textured wallpapers.