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Textured wallpaper gray

$1.88 per square foot
(200sqft minimum if in stock) Free shipping included.

Textured wallpaper gray organic shine & a swirly pattern of tan background with taupe squares. Great for the workplace!

In stock

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Textured wallpaper spec:

  • Width: 54 inches
  • Weight: 20oz. per Linear Yard
  • Fabric Backed: Cotton Osnaburg
  • ASTM E-84: Class A
  • Repeat: Call Office
  • Flame Spread: 20
  • Smoke Developed: 25


Textured wallpaper gray organic shine with a swirly pattern of a tan background and taupe squares. It has a subtle charm great for the workplace, or any commercial interior design.This pattern also shows well as an accent. This Textured wallpaper is Class A, CCC-408D and ASTM E-84 tunnel tested and fire rated for use in common areas.


This textured wallpaper pattern is $21.95 per linear yard.