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About Healthcare Wallpaper

In healthcare, there is nothing more important than the patient. You work hard every day to ensure they’re on the road to good health.

As research has shown, patients heal better when they have the right mindset. Your healthcare facility’s atmosphere has a direct impact on how they feel. At Wallscape, our textured wallpapers can have a positive influence on the emotions of your patients—and help them face the healing process with hope and courage.

Surround your patients with beauty

A beautiful interior design can be an asset for your hospital, clinic, or office. After all, you want your patients to feel comfortable and happy. You can start doing that by beautifying your walls.

There’s no excuse for having a bland paint job or outdated wallpaper. We have a variety of great healthcare wallpaper designs in stock to enhance the atmosphere of your healthcare facility and give off the happy vibes your patients deserve.

Customize your design

Our showroom has a versatile range of healthcare wallpaper products, ensuring you can find the right look for lobbies, corridors, and rooms throughout your healthcare environment. Choose from a variety of colors and textures. And give your health care facility the right look for your patients.

We specifically make custom commercial wall coverings for all sorts of healthcare practices. This way, we can provide a textured wallpaper that directly relates to the healing process and overall experience of your healthcare space.

For instance, for senior housing, we have custom mural wall coverings depicting mountain scenery. For pediatric offices, we have custom healthcare wallpaper showcasing animated characters and dry erase wallpaper options.

Cut costs for you and your patients

If you lower maintenance expenses, you can reduce healthcare costs for your patients. It’s a simple idea but sometimes difficult to achieve. Thankfully, our textured wallpaper can help you save money on unnecessary wall upkeep.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We work directly with you and your staff to ensure compliance with your standards.
  2. We get you healthcare wallpaper that’s not just safe, durable, and beautiful, but also cost-effective.
  3. We set you up with wall covering that can be quickly and easily cleaned (there’s no need to ever repaint!). This conserves dollars and resources.
  4. We offer anti-microbial solutions and additional protective clear coats.

Get more than just aesthetics

We don’t just offer healthcare wallpaper that looks nice. Because we know that healthcare facilities require more. Nurse stations, conference areas, and patient rooms need an efficient way to communicate lifesaving information.

That’s why we make dry erase wallpaper. This enables staff to relay information about a patient quickly and easily.

Healthcare is a 24/7 operation that necessitates 100-percent visibility. Being able to write important data on our dry erase wallpaper helps improve transparency at your hospital, clinic, or office. This ensures better outcomes for your patients.

Enjoy the industry’s best at low prices

Our products are Class A rated for healthcare interiors and have passed ASTM E-84 fire tests in all Type II categories. Our commercial wall coverings meet the highest fire testing standards.

You can save money by getting your hotel wallpaper directly from us. Because we sell direct to our clients, we can guarantee low price points on our best products, even our durable 20-ounce wall coverings.

Give us a call, email, or message today. Our dedicated team of professionals will get in touch with you immediately. And we’ll start working on making your healthcare facility shine for your patients.

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