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About Office Wallpaper

Your business depends on the efficiency of your employees. That means giving them the right work environment. Enhance the design of your office, and watch your team work better. Walls are a great place to start.

Our showroom at Wallscape features a large variety of high-quality textured wall coverings that will boost your office’s ambiance. Choose a suitable one—and put your workers in a happier state of mind.

Boost productivity

You want a positive work atmosphere. Your interior design can help. With our custom office wallpaper, you can create the kind of environment you want. You’re in control.

Just imagine the possibilities:

  • Go for a calm look: We have lots of soothing wallpaper designs. Take the stress out of the daily job and watch your team realize its potential.
  • Choose an engaging design: Your business runs on creativity and teamwork. Luckily, we have the textured wallpapers in stock to spark innovation and collaboration.
  • Opt for an energizing feel: Worried about you team running out of energy? We have exciting office wallpaper designs to ensure your workers have the juice to keep going.

Save money and time

You have a business to run. You can’t waste resources on dealing with wall upkeep. Let us handle it.

Our textured wallpapers are less expensive than paint, because they can withstand rigorous cleaning intervals in a sanitary office environment. On top of that, our products last five times longer than paint. So, not only do you get serious bang for your buck, you also don’t have to worry about anything with our wall coverings. Our office wallpaper is also low-maintenance.

Keep out noise

Whether it’s the honking of cars or the mowing of lawns, distractions abound outside your office. Why not get office wallpaper that could dampen the noise? That’s what our textured wallpapers do.

Our durable, Class A fire-rated fabric backed wall covering products effectively reduce noise within your office, providing much-needed peace and quiet. This makes it easier for you and your team to focus on what matters: Making your business a success.

Reduce energy use

Every business wants to reduce energy costs if possible. Doing so means enables you to increase your bottom line.

Our textured wallpapers have a high R-value, which means they insulate well. Heat doesn’t escape easily, especially if you install our premium 20-ounce wall covering. Choose from any of our office wallpaper products, and you’ll save on heating and air-conditioning. You also get to do your part for the environment.

Enjoy a 6-year warranty

Yes, you read that right. When you purchase and install our premium commercial grade wall coverings, you get a 6-year warranty.

We’re confident in our office wallpaper—and we stand by it in our warranty. We only sell premium products because that’s what you deserve.

Contact us at Wallscape today. We can start by providing you with a free quote for your office wallpaper and suggest designs to fit your style and needs. Throughout the process, we’ll work with you to make sure everything is completed according to your budget, timeframe, and preferences.

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