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White Board Wallpaper

Turn your office walls into a collaborative workspace.
When engineers talk, they draw massive structures. They write elaborate equations. They collaborate and create grand things. The same goes for artists, architects, inventors, innovators, and designers.

In short: they need a big space to express big ideas.

That’s the beauty of white board wallpaper. Forget sticky notes, paper, and computer graphing. You can draw freely on the walls all around you. Create complex equations and list essential notes. Erase what you don’t need (but don’t forget to take a photo first).
For anyone in architecture, engineering, design, IT, or a plethora of other fields, white board wallpaper can transform your office and inspire creativity.

Let creativity reign

When employees feel that they are able to use their creativity to its full potential, you increase motivation within your workplace. This motivation leads to faster problem solving and more engagement between employees. Now, you have a workplace with happier employees who are more willing to take risks without hesitation.

What better way to expand that creativity than with the use of a white board wallpaper? One that gives employees free reign to explore their creativity within the workplace?

Put your walls to good use

The walls in any space often go unused, with the exception of a hanged painting or a shelving unit. With whiteboard wallpaper, you can maximize efficiency by expanding your employees’ space.

The Paint Comparison-

Dry erase paint has a significant odor, requires labor-intensive wall preparation, and drying time can take days. This causes significant room downtime until the paint has fully cured. Paint on applications are also 75% less erasable within the first 6 months of professional use.

Installation of Wallscape whiteboard wallpaper is 50% less expensive, installation can take place within hours, and is ready for long lasting use immediately.

Thought Sharing

Companies enable sharing of ideas when using this application, as compared to visualizations communicated through email. At a healthcare center, the office can get pretty busy trying to attend to patients while also collaborating with those around you to make sure all needs are met. This means there is no time to waste. White board wallpaper gives you quick access to write messages for others (or even yourself). Pre-designed permanent grid patterns can be printed onto the Wallscape white board wallpaper without affecting the dry erase quality.

Maybe you’re managing a retail store and need an eye-catching way to let customers know that you’re having a one-day sale. Save money on poster boards by using your white board wallpaper to relay a creative message instead. This gives you more room to write out your message and a bigger space to help attract more customers.

At the end of each day, the dry erase wallpaper can be wiped away for a fresh blank canvas on the following day. No mess. No hassle.

Why stop at a white board? Choose any of various artworks available or create your own custom artwork to print onto your dry erase wallpaper. Think of the inspirational effect it will have on your employees.

Conserve resources

Dry erase wallpaper not only lets you use and re-use it without issue, it can also help save you on your wallet. You expand the space you already use every day, while getting the following benefits:



  • Hassle-free maintenance: With a wallpaper that can be wiped away clean every day, there’s no need to waste money on labor or materials.
  • A five-year warranty: A white board wallpaper can last you at least fifteen years. Every order comes with a five-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Low prices: A high-quality material with a low cost, that’s a guarantee. Don’t forget that we offer a discount on orders over 750 square feet.


  • Schools can re-surface their old chalk boards with Wallscape white board wallpaper and eliminate the (now known to be) very dangerous and harmful chalk dust.


It’s hard to pass up a product that opens up your workspace (and the people in it) while saving you money, all at the same time.

Enjoy a seamless process

No more time to waste? Simply send the dimensions for your desired piece of white board wallpaper and order online within minutes.


The next step is deciding what message you want to write on your white board wallpaper for all to see.

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