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White Board Wallpaper

At Wallscape, we believe walls are dynamic. They’re meant for brainstorming, communicating, and creating.

Thanks to white board wallpaper, the role of the wall has been redefined. It’s now a place where ideas can develop, messages can be shared, and even magic can happen. After all, when you have a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless.

Here’s the deal

  • Retail pricing is $6.95 per square foot, plus shipping
  • The dry erase is made 50 inches wide, and as long as you’d like
  • Each order is pre-cut for easy installation right out of the box
  • Allow 1-10 days for delivery depending on quantity and location
  • Quantity discounts are available for orders over 750 square feet
  • The minimum order is 10 square feet, or a 30″x 50″ cut
  • Contact us for a sample

Or call 1.866.216.4483, and press #1 for sales to order now

We offer

A premium dry erase that is commercial grade

  • Five year warrantee
  • Use low or high VOC dry erase markers
  • Permanent marker can be used for line grids*
  • Cleaning instructions
  • Product specifications

Thank you from the Wallscape Team!


The following links are general information regarding Vista Dry-Erase Systems.

Vista Technical Performance

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Vista Care & Maintenance

Wise Geek


Put your walls to good use

Whether you’re running an office, overseeing a health care center, or managing a retail store, you know that the walls aren’t something to ignore. With our dry erase wallpaper, you give your workers a space to make great things happen.

Just think of how much more efficient your operation can be with writable wallpaper. At a healthcare center, nurses can relay medical updates to one another. At an office, employees can build a new business strategy. At a clothing store, workers can tell shoppers about a flash sale. Indeed, dry erase wallpaper can be an asset for any space.

Let creativity reign

With our white board wallpaper, you’re free to do with it as you please. Let people make art on the walls. That will inspire your team. Or, you could simply tell your workers to doodle. Funny doodles lead to laughs and smiles—and those are good anywhere.

If you want, we can even print custom artwork onto your dry erase wallpaper. You can either choose a design from our showroom or send your own artwork to us.

Conserve resources

At Wallscape, we know that you have to save money and resources. That’s why we make every effort to ensure you get great bang for your buck.

With our white board wallpaper, you can expect:

  • Hassle-free maintenance: Our white board wallpaper can be scrubbed and wiped quickly and easily. This saves you money on labor and materials, and you don’t have to worry about damaging the wallpaper (it’s super durable).
  • A five-year warranty: Our dry erase wallpaper can last more than 15 years, which is much longer than a paint job. This equals big savings in the long run. We also stand by our products with a lengthy five-year warranty offer.
  • Low prices: As manufacturers who sell direct, we can ensure our wallpaper meets the highest quality standards, while keeping costs low. We also offer good discounts for orders over 750 square feet.

Enjoy a seamless process

You have an operation to run. You don’t have all day to be concerned with wallpaper. That’s why we make ordering and installation as easy as pie in the summertime. After you measure how much dry erase wallpaper you need, ordering can be completed online in minutes. We’ll then cut the writable wallpaper to your specific dimensions so that it arrives ready for installation.

If you have any questions or need help with your wallpaper project, contact us at Wallscape today. Our team will do everything possible to help you get set up with the white board wallpaper you need to enhance your business.