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About Textured Wallpaper

The interior design of your commercial space must exemplify the excellence of your operation. It should amaze your customers. When it comes to your walls, you simply can’t neglect how they look (because all your clients will notice). Incorporating any Textured wallpaper, commercial wall covering, or vinyl wall covering will make a big difference.

At Wallscape, we make premium textured wallpapers that not only look spectacular, but also have incredible durability. This means you can boost the atmosphere of your business and save money. It’s a win-win.

Give your business the proper look

Everyone who enters your business notices the walls. Outdated wallpaper or old paint can leave your customers with a bad taste. You don’t want or need that.

Our textured wallpaper patterns, have been designed for the modern business space and are fire rated Class A. We have a diverse range of patterns and colors in our showroom. Whether you’re looking for textured wallpaper for your office, retail store, hotel, or any other place, we have what you need.

Enjoy hassle-free maintenance

We get it. There are better ways to use your resources than maintaining walls in your commercial space. That’s why we’ve designed our textured wallpaper to require minimal care.

Here’s how our textured wallpaper stands out:

  • Strong fabric backing: Thanks to our fine backings, you enjoy easy installation and removal. It removes in full sheets!
  • Washable and wipeable: We offer washable wallpaper for businesses, allowing you to scrub and clean the walls quickly and easily. It’s much more convenient than cleaning paint.

Custom made: For heavier traffic areas, like hallways, we make 20-ounce wall coverings that can handle lots of daily wear and tear. For more private areas, like offices, we have 15-ounce wall coverings to save you money (they’re still durable, too).

Put more money back into your business

Constant painting in high traffic areas gets very expensive. That’s money coming out of your business that doesn’t have to be. Textured wallpaper can literally save ownership thousands of dollars per year (and even more for larger locations).

Our commercial wall coverings and textured wallpapers can last more than 15 years without any problem. Because we’re manufacturers who sell direct to clients, we’re also able to offer price points that beat the competition.

You get great value for your dollar with our textured wallpaper patterns. That means more money for you to grow your business.

Customize to suit your style

Every business has a different look. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the design of your commercial space. You want to differentiate yourself.

From tropical flowers to hieroglyphs, our textured wallpapers have a rich variety of designs to please the unique preferences of our clients. We also have custom mural wall coverings if you want something more picturesque. Even if you don’t find what you need in our showroom, we’ll work with you until you have what you want.

Make your business safe

Architects and interior designers specify wall coverings that are compliant to code. They help set the standard for fire safety. Your commercial space must meet these requirements.

Our premium textured wall coverings are Class A rated and are ASTM E-84 tunnel tested and fire rated. They satisfy the highest specifications.

To get textured wallpaper for your commercial space, contact us at Wallscape today. Our folks will talk with you and take time to understand your needs. We’ll waste no time getting you set up with the best textured wallpapers and wall coverings for your business.

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