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Washable Wallpaper

If you’ve been somewhere with dirty walls, chances are it didn’t take long for you to notice. At your office, retail store, hotel, or building corridors, it’s absolutely essential that your walls look splendid. Because your commercial interior design has a direct impact on the success of your organization.

There are many benefits to having textured wallpaper. It looks good and can brighten the mood. Wall coverings also cost less to maintain, and reduce energy use. Additionally, it’s easy to keep washable wallpaper clean and shiny.

Before you start cleaning, learn all about caring for and cleaning textured wallpaper. This way, you’ll clean your walls correctly and get them looking as good as possible. Here are the guidelines to follow:

1. Prep for cleaning textured wallpaper

According to the Wallcovering Installers Association, you should first read specific cleaning instructions for your wall coverings. No matter if you have hotel wallpaper or custom printed wall coverings, there are certainly unique specifications to follow for each product.

The good news is that some new wall coverings have been treated with a clear water-based coating to make cleaning quicker and easier. This is especially convenient for cleaning hotel wallpaper, healthcare wallpaper, and other wall coverings in high-traffic environments.

Next, prepare for cleaning textured wallpaper. Get a clean plastic scraper and scrape off any excess materials on the washable wallpaper, like chewing gum, finger marks, and surface dirt. Be gentle and move with the direction of the wallpaper.

Another way to remove any excess dust and debris is to vacuum the wall coverings. This is actually quite simple, and many experts actually recommend it. Just use that convenient soft bristle brush attachment on the vacuum and suck up what you can.

2. Choose a detergent for cleaning textured wallpaper

Note: For cleaning textured wallpaper, you may want to avoid cleaning agents with alcohol or alcohol-based soaps like hand sanitizer. Strong household cleaners and abrasive cleaners may damage the surface of textured wallpaper produced after the year 2014.

You have numerous options when it comes to cleaning solutions for wall coverings. These include:

  • Stain remover products to get at individual marks and contaminations
  • Liquid dish detergent and warm water (a gallon of water and few ounces of cleaner)
  • A mixture of warm water, clear non-sudsing ammonia, white vinegar, and washing soda for very dirty wallpaper (a gallon of water, and 250ml each of the other ingredients)

Understand that a mixture of cleaning methods may have to be employed. For instance, you may have to use soap and warm water to wipe down the walls, and a stain remover solution like dish soap and hydrogen peroxide for tougher stains.

Before you actually start wiping the walls with a detergent, test that detergent on an excess piece of wallcovering. You want to be absolutely certain it won’t cause any damage to your washable wallpaper or lead to color variations. You also want to see how effective the product actually is at cleaning textured wallpaper.

3. Scrub and wipe the textured wallpaper

Whether you’re looking to clean hotel wallpaper, office wallpaper, or any wall coverings, the process is similar. And the end goal remains the same: Get your commercial interior design looking great.

First, get all the necessary materials for cleaning textured wallpaper, like:

  • Sponges for wiping
  • Lint-free cloths for drying
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • A trash bag for disposing of dirty towels
  • Gallon buckets filled with hot water and the cleaning solution
  • Gallon buckets to be filled with clean water for rinsing dirty sponges & cloths

Second, before actually scrubbing the washable wallpaper, wet the sponge or cleaning cloth in the cleaning solution. Then, wring the cloth until it’s moist.

Third, lightly rub over the stain with the sponge or cloth. Be sure to move in the direction of the textured wall covering. After 10 seconds, rinse out the sponge or cloth in the clean water. See if the clean water becomes cloudy from the contaminants. That means you’re getting the wall clean. Continue this same process for all your wall coverings.

Remember: Frequently change your rinse bucket. This ensures your cleaning sponge or cloth will actually be cleaned after rinsing, and that your washable wallpaper is actually washed.

4. Dry and finish cleaning the textured wallpaper

After you clean a contaminated area on your hotel wallpaper, office wallpaper, or other type of wall covering, dry the area thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. This will ensure the area is dried without leaving any debris.

If a stain persists, use a soft bristle brush along with straight detergent to scrub off the stain. Dry the area and see if the stain has been removed. If not, try a different detergent. If that still doesn’t work, you may have to replace that portion of the textured wallpaper.

Cleaning textured wallpaper properly

You’ve made the investment in wall coverings for your business or organization. To get the most return on that investment, perform regular maintenance. Follow the steps above for cleaning textured wallpaper, and you’ll have clean and beautiful walls for many years.

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