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Green and Environmentally Friendly Wallcoverings

Creating Earth Friendly ways in harmony with our company, and products

Our carbon footprint as a company

Less is more in this case. An earth friendly mindset toward recycling, using LED bulbs, and less printing is just a start.

For instance, we found recycled paper tubes that protected our commercial wallcovering better, and weighed half of the ineffective conventional packing. Some added benefits were also fewer deliveries, and best of all, happier customers. We estimated a carbon reduction equal to 800 gallons of fuel a year, not to mention tolls, time, traffic, and scheduling efforts. When we really think about it, the possibilities in reducing our carbon footprint are infinite.

Our carbon footprint as a product

More is better in this case. Our products life cycle in some cases, can go beyond 20 years.

Our customers need to keep their buildings looking beautiful. Public corridors, and lobbies usually require frequent re-painting. The carbon footprint of scheduling, contractors, materials, and shutdown necessary to paint in occupied buildings are significant each time. A two story office building that installed wallcovering, in lieu of paint, reduced their carbon footprint equal to 1,500 gallons of fuel. This does not include the environmental impact from disposable drop clothes, brushes, cans, etc.

Save energy

A quality 20oz wallcovering can have up to an “R5 Value for thermal resistance”. Basically, it keeps the heat in on cold days better than a drywall painted finish would. Most exterior walls have an “R19” grade insulation inside them. Wallcovering can add at least 15% to that benefit, thus decreasing the carbon footprint over time.

Less noise

When commercial wallcoverings are specified alongside carpeting, and acoustic ceilings there is clearly a quieter difference.

Although we didn’t find a carbon reduction rate on noise, the benefits of less echoing, and noise reduction, are sometimes equally embraced.

A heavy duty fabric backing

Wallscape wallcoverings are fabric backed for numerous reasons, and some will reduce a projects carbon footprint significantly

  • The fabric backing forms a strong bond to the adhesive, and not the wall surface
  • Unlike wallpaper, removal of our commercial wallcovering is simple, and will not damage the surface which will minimize future preparation
  • A thick fabric backing can make old wavy walls appear new, needing less labor intensive preparation prior to installation
  • On a large scale hotel project, minimizing wall preparation alone, can be the equivalent of not using 7,000 gallons of gasoline

A decreased carbon footprint

At home, and in the workplace, we believe it is a social responsibility to decrease our carbon footprint whenever possible.

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