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About Wallscape Wallcovering

Wallscape’s mission is to produce quality wallcoverings for users worldwide.
Founded in 2006 by Paul DiMaggio, Wallscape started with the promise of providing top-notch wall coverings to our customers. To this day, our dedicated staff of professionals remains committed to fulfilling this promise.

In all that we do, we aim to do one thing: Make our customers happy.

We’re experts in wall covering

The right wall coverings can enhance your interior design and impress your customers. From textured wallpaper to embossed wallpaper, we specialize in making sure a place shines. To accomplish this, we not only produce Class A products with the finest ingredients and backings, we offer custom wall coverings to meet your preferences and needs.

We also understand that cost is a huge consideration. With efficient manufacturing and distribution channels, we’re able to get you the best commercial wall covering at wholesale price points. This guarantees you great return on your investment.

We’re customer centric

When you contact us about commercial wall covering for your business, our staff will respond as quickly as possible. We’ll approach the job with the passion and enthusiasm you deserve. Because we put our customers first—it’s as simple as that.

We also go the extra mile to make sure your needs are addressed. We’ll stay within your budget and get the job done in the desired timeframe. If you have any unique requirements, we’ll work hard to come up with the right solutions, too.

We work with a smile

We’re experts in wall covering because we love what we do. We enjoy helping our clients find the right textured wallpaper, hallway wallpaper, washable wallpaper, or whatever else they need. Because we only succeed when our customers succeed.

Our staff of professionals is what makes Wallscape a leader in the wall coverings industry. We aim to please.

Get in touch with us—and we’ll be ready to serve you with a smile.

We go above and beyond

Yes, we supply textured wallpaper, office wallpaper, hotel wallpaper, and restaurant wallpaper , to other business. But that’s not all we offer.

Here’s how we do more:

  • If you’re not ready to install your wallpaper: Our attic stock manager service allows you to store the product at no extra charge. Ask for it when you’re ready.
  • If you’re too busy to choose your own wall cover: Simply send us samples you like or tell us what colors you prefer. We’ll then select samples, and send them at no charge
  • If your project is time-sensitive: We can get you our wall coverings within 24 hours. If we’re out of in-stock options, we can connect you to our extensive network of dealers and manufacturers.

If you must stay within budget: Based on architectural plans, we can give you a free price estimate and suggest suitable wall coverings. We’ll even work with you to get the price down to where you need.

We bring you the best wall coverings

When it comes to commercial interior design, we don’t cut corners. Our incredible variety of wall coverings exceeds industry standards. They’re aesthetically pleasing, durable, and easily removable.

From textured wallpaper to vinyl wall covering, we can guarantee the highest quality products. That’s because we’re suppliers who sell direct to clients. That means you get great commercial wall covering and keep more money in your pocket.

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