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How Healthcare Wallpaper Helps Promote a Healing Atmosphere

Healthcare is a noble pursuit. The goal is to put the patient first. Each and every day, you and your team tirelessly strive to ensure your patients are on the path to good health and happiness.

Considering that environment can boost a patient’s ability to heal, you should do everything to make certain that the design of your healthcare facility spreads good vibes. This will not only put smiles on the faces of the people you serve, but also enable them to get better faster.

To improve the commercial interior design of your office, focus on the walls first. After all, everybody notices the walls. By getting the right healthcare wallpaper, you can establish a positive healing atmosphere. Here’s how wall coverings enhance any healthcare environment:

Healthcare wallpaper leads to positive thinking

There is a mind-body connection when it comes to patients’ recovery times. It’s been consistently shown that positive thinking leads to faster recovery.

According to Donald Cole of the Institute for Work and Health in Toronto, less pain after surgery is “directly associated with better expectations” from the patient, which comes from having an optimistic outlook.

Knowing that hard science has proved the power of positive thinking, the interior design of your hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office should be putting your patients in a better frame of mind. One way to do that is by installing beautiful healthcare wallpaper. Because aesthetic beauty is soothing to people.

The good thing about wall coverings is that they come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs, allowing you to customize your interior to suit the tastes of your patients. From senior living facilities to rehab centers to children’s hospitals, you can find a suitable wallpaper design for any healthcare organization. There are even unique wallpaper designs for corridors and lobbies. From custom printed wallpaper showing nature’s beauty to mural wallpaper depicting animated characters, you have an abundance of choices.

Most importantly, it’s about establishing an environment that’s conducive to better healing rates. Given the flexibility and sheer amount of choices you have with healthcare wallpaper, your walls can certainly be an important part of guiding patients to full recovery.

Healthcare wallpaper has practical uses

Doctors, nurses, and aides require an efficient way to communicate patient information to one another. That’s why whiteboards serve as a primary communication tool in healthcare settings.

But what if healthcare wallpaper could accomplish the same task? That would certainly enable more flexibility in where information is written and relayed to others. It would also make vital patient data more visible. For these reasons, white board wallpaper for hospitals and clinics is rising in popularity.

Dry erase wallpaper is washable wallpaper that can be used just as you would use a traditional whiteboard. Install it at a staff station, treatment room, or meeting area, and communication will certainly improve.

Good communication is crucial to patient success, as the healthcare industry is 24/7 and shift changes occur constantly. For patients to get top-notch treatment, those shift changes need to be seamless, which starts by making patient information clear. This is where healthcare wallpaper can be an asset.

Dry erase wall coverings can even be custom printed to meet the needs of your health care facility. For instance, if you need a pre-made chart, companies can do that. The washable wallpaper will enable you to make constant updates to that chart, and communicate effectively with patients and staff.

Healthcare wallpaper saves resources

The commercial interior design of any space should be designed for maximum efficiency. This is especially true for the healthcare industry, where resources must be conserved and put towards improving patient care.

From installing solar panels on the roof to using energy efficient machines, there are many ways to cut costs. Healthcare wallpaper can help as well by saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.

For instance, if you purchase premium, heavy-duty, textured wallpaper that is Class A rated for interiors and tested under ASTM E-84 standards, then you could save a lot. These wall coverings have a high R-value, which means they have great insulating power. That means your facility will lower its operating costs.

Additionally, premium healthcare wallpaper not only lasts for 15 to 25 years, it can be cleaned with ease. When compared to painted walls, heavy-duty washable wallpaper saves you tens of thousands of dollars each year in labor expenses and other costs. That’s because painted walls have to be cleaned more frequently and take longer to clean. Also, with painted walls, you will have to be repaint sooner than you would have to replace a quality Class A healthcare wallpaper.

Since health care washable wallpaper is a cheaper option than painting, your healthcare organization will have more money to allocate towards enhancing patient services. This will help boost healing rates, as you’ll be able to give more attention to those that matter most: Your patients.

Make healthcare wallpaper work for your patients

Your commercial interior design has an impact on how your patients feel. By getting the right healthcare wallpaper for your facility, you can make sure this impact is positive. On top of that, with washable wallpaper and, white board wallpaper, you can save resources and improve communication amongst your staff—both of which will improve life for your patients.

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