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Hotel Wallpaper for Commercial Interior Design

A couple on their honeymoon booked a stay at your hotel. They’re ready for the experience of a lifetime. When they arrive, they’re all smiles. The couple enters—and those smiles fade.

The design of your walls has taken the couple back in time. And they’re either disoriented or disgusted (or worse, they’re both).

You can do better.

Don’t overlook your hotel wallpaper again. Here’s how the right wall coverings for your hotel can make every guest smile:

Hotel wallpaper keeps the place looking clean

When you consider hotels, you probably look at reviews. Undoubtedly, you would take note if you saw that one reviewer wrote, “This place is dirty. There is some foul stuff on the walls!”

You may even avoid the place altogether. That would make you like most other travelers. As industry research has found, cleanliness is a top priority for folks when booking lodging. As a hotel manager or owner, remember this. And know that hotel wallpaper for commercial interior design can help ensure such negative reviews never get written.

What’s convenient about hotel wallpaper for commercial interior design is that it can be scrubbed and cleaned with ease. Unlike painted walls, which require costly and frequent maintenance, wallpaper can usually just be wiped down with warm water and detergent. The process isn’t near as labor intensive and imperfections, such as smudges, stains, and fingerprints, can be removed quickly—before guests notice.

Cleanliness is crucial to the success of your hotel. With premium wall coverings, you can guarantee that your place looks pristine. Then, guests will be writing reviews that say things like, “This place is super clean and the design is great!”

Hotel wallpaper offers great value

As a hotel owner or manager, you know you must operate at maximum efficiency. That’s why you try to cut operating costs while still offering guests the best possible experience. It’s a tough balance to achieve.

What if there was a way to save tens of thousands of dollars each year?

Enter hotel wallpaper, a cost-effective design option that will lower your labor and maintenance costs. At 54 inches wide and with a strong fabric backing, premium wallpaper is built to withstand wear and tear, making it perfect for high traffic areas, like hallways, lobbies, and fitness rooms.

Even better, premium wall coverings are designed for easy cleaning and removal. That means less labor and maintenance than painted walls—and less money out of your pocket.

Also, according to the Wallcovering Installers Association, wall coverings last five times longer than paint. For premium office wallpaper, healthcare wallpaper, hotel wallpaper, and other types of wall coverings, you can get 15 to 25 years (or more). Over time, wallpaper can deliver significant savings in comparison to painting your walls.

Hotel wallpaper increases equity value

Imagine this: You run a hotel for decades. And you do a great job. But you let its look fade in the final few years you’ll be working there. The paint on the wall is chipping off when it comes time to sell.

Are you going to get the price you want for the property? Probably not.

A great commercial interior design, which depends on having the right wall coverings, can ensure the value of your brand and its assets increase over time. After all, research from organizations like the Design Council shows that well-designed properties increase in value more quickly.

The right wallpaper can boost your lodgings value because it will enhance the guest experience. Your lodging will be more attractive. For instance, if you have a gorgeous mural wall covering in the lobby, guests will be wowed as soon as they walk through the doors.

Additionally, premium wall coverings have a much higher R-value than paint. Hotel wallpaper insulates well and conserves energy throughout all four seasons. This will increase the property’s worth, as energy efficiency is attractive to modern buyers and investors.

Choosing the right hotel wallpaper

To enjoy all the benefits of wallpaper for commercial interior design, you need to choose the right product. When it comes to shopping for hotel wall coverings, consider your brand’s style, the preferences of your guests, your budget, and the hotel’s layout.

For various locations, choose the following hotel wallpaper:

  • High-traffic areas: For lobbies, meeting rooms, corridors, and other areas where they’ll be lots of foot traffic, get 20-ounce Class A, textured wallpaper.
  • Light-traffic areas: For guestrooms, bathrooms, and other areas with light traffic, opt for 15-ounce wall coverings. A 15-ounce Class A wall covering is less expensive, and will save significant dollars in any hotel application.

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing office wallpaper for your staff or mural wall coverings for the lobby, or wall coverings for the hallways, make sure it is a Class A fire-rated hotel wallpaper that has been tested under ASTM E84 standards for architectural and interior design specifications. These products meet necessary safety regulations.

Win with hotel wallpaper for commercial interior design

Premium hotel wallpaper not only can make your hotel clean and beautiful, it’s also cost-effective and durable. Choose the right hotel wallpaper—and watch as your guests rave about your commercial interior design. Now, that won’t just put a smile on your face, it will make you more successful.

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