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Wallscape offers the finest wallcoverings in many patterns and colors. See in stock products on the first page below, we can ship orders within 24 hours. Click into each pattern to determine the inventory available. To determine your order quantity, divide the total square feet of all wall surfaces on your project, by 11. Wholesale pricing for textured wallpaper projects is available on quantities above 700 yards. Contact us to order samples at no charge. Custom colors are available on orders in excess of 1000 linear yards at a nominal additional charge. A three to four week lead time should be expected to fabricate larger orders. A twenty yard minimum applies to all in-stock orders, and shipping charges are additional. Cooperative and condominium boards can take advantage of our free consultation services. We can assist property managers in developing a scope of work for commercial interior design. Wallcovering specifications are available within each product category for architectural and interior design submittals. Installers are available within the USA, costs do vary upon location. Please send building lay-out plans to [email protected] for budgeting and quantifying projects. Wallscape wallcoverings are washable, and could sustain regular maintenance intervals. A warranty comes with Wallscape orders to insure owner satisfaction. All products can be recycled at local facilities for re-purposed use. Cost pricing considerations are given to charitable causes based on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss your textured wallpaper project, or to answer any questions you may have please call 917.335.1123.                                                                           

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