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1. Commercial wall coverings versus wallpaper

Yes, there is a colossal difference in both products, and here’s why- Commercial wall covering is sold in 54 inches wide rolls, and has a thick, durable feel to it. While wallpaper is generally made for home residential use, and is sold in a 27 inches wide roll, which feels paper thin to the touch. Textured wallpapers is a commonly used term for commercial wall coverings.

2. Commercial wall covering quality awareness

Product reps who classify their wall coverings as commercial grade or, textured wallpapers, need to pass your scrutiny. Ask these simple questions to know what you’re buying: Is the wall covering?

  • Type 2 / 20oz Class A Wall covering inches fabric cotton backed? = (Best Quality)
  • Type II / 19oz fabric backed? = (Lessor quality)
  • Type I / 15oz fabric backed? = (Least quality)
  • Paper, or non-woven backing, any thickness? = (Poorest quality)


3. Washable commercial wall coverings

Building owners want to keep their properties looking beautiful. Simple washcloth type maintenance keeps overall costs down. A well maintained wall covering can last for 10 years, and beyond. Be sure to ask your representative if their wall coverings are washable, and do your own simple litmus test right on the sample, to verify that claim.

4. Commercial wall covering is removable after years of performance

The fabric backing of a quality commercial wallcovering enables swift removal. Unlike wallpaper, commercial wall coverings, and textured wallpapers removes in complete sheets by simply pulling up the sheet, from any bottom corner, at a 45 degree angle.

5. Commercial wall covering is an alternative to paint

Constant painting in high traffic areas is costly for most building owners. Wall coverings can last beyond 10 years, saving significant costs in any facilities budgetary forecasts. Studies show savings of $30,000.00 plus, per year, in an average 200 room hotel when using Wallscape commercial wall coverings.

6. Commercial Wall coverings fire rating info

Ratings are required for products that serve public spaces. Architects specify wall coverings that are compliant to code, and set the standard for buyer confidence. Wall coverings should have the following, or similar specification. Example:

  • Type II 20oz Class A fire rated fabric backed Wallscape wall covering
  • ASTM E 84 Tunnel test Class A
  • CCC 408 Tests for color fastness, scrub cycles, overall quality and stain resistance

7. Measuring for commercial wall coverings

Rolls are usually made 54 inches wide, by 30 yards long, and sold by the “Linear Yard inches To determine how many yards you would need:

  • Measure the length of the wall
  • Measure the height of the wall
  • Multiply length (x) Height = Square feet total
  • Divide square feet by (11) = total linear yards needed for project.

Example- 8’ High wall x 22’ long = 176 square feet / divide by 11 = 16 linear yards

8. Surface preparation for commercial wall covering, and textured wallpapers installation

If walls are brand new, there should be no preparation necessary, and application can commence. If the walls are old, and wavy, perform some light Spackle prep, and be sure to scrape off any high spots. You can check areas by cutting a small piece of the wall covering too check each location for quality control.

9. Locations to install commercial wall coverings, and textured wallpaper.

Interior designers, property managers, and building owners generally use wall coverings in condominium hallways, hotels, offices, corridors, restaurants, retail stores, facilities, lobbies, healthcare, event arenas, and homes.

10. After you choose a wall covering pattern

Be sure to call the dealer, and confirm the pattern number, request a control sample, check inventory, Ask for a reserve? Know your lead time to produce a new lot if there is no inventory, and all shipping costs. Rolls must be delivered in sequential order, so the installation runs smoothly, and in dye lot order. Be sure to check out our next blog, and contact us for more information on Wallscape products, we’ll be glad to help!

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