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How to Clean Commercial Wallcovering

You’ve made the investment in wall covering for your business. Some basic maintenance like regular cleaning will ensure your wallcovering lasts year. Some wallcoverings are treated with a clear water base coating. This coating aids in the stain resistance and easy cleaning of your wallcovering. Be sure to test any cleaning method on a scrap piece of the same wallcovering, or apply in an inconspicuous area first.

Materials, such as chewing gum, crayon and paint, etc. Should be scraped off the wallcovering using a clean plastic scraper, light pressure, moving with the wallcovering texture.

Read detergent labels

Alcohol, or any alcohol based soaps such as hand sanitizers, to clean stains from wallcoverings may damage the surface on products made after 2014.

Any non-alcohol based detergents such as clear dish detergent, spot remover products may be suitable to remove contaminants.

First apply the detergent in an inconspicuous area, or scrap piece of the identical wallcovering. Wait until dry to achieve color uniformity after spotting with no variations.

If a wet liquid is spilled onto commercial wallcovering, wear gloves, and immediately remove the wet material with dry paper towels.

Be sure to bring a bag to dispose of the contaminated refuse,, so the contaminant does not stain surrounding surfaces, like the carpet or any adjacent finishes.

Smudges and stains should be removed as quickly as possible to eliminate a reaction between the contaminant and the wallcovering. Reaction time is important for removing stains such as ink, paint, lipstick, oils, paintball, etc. These materials will dry and will be difficult to remove.

For dry stains, and contaminants, the following directions should be exercised in sequential order.

Alcohol based detergents may damage the wall coverings surface.

Any non-alcohol detergent such as clear dish detergent, or spot remover products. First apply the detergent in an inconspicuous area, or on a scrap piece of the wall covering. Wait until dry to for color uniformity after spotting, with no variation.

Step 1 for cleaning commercial wallcovering

  • Vacuum off any loose dried material using a soft bristle brush attachment.
  • Start with a clean cotton cloth, or clean soft dish sponge
  • Wear gloves, and protect the surrounding surfaces
  • 1 gallon bucket filled with hot water at 100 degrees F
  • Wet the clean cloth in the water, wring the cloth until moist dry.
  • Lightly rub over the stain in the direction of the textured wallcovering
  • After 5 seconds of light rubs, rinse, and see if the clean water gets cloudy with the contaminant stain.
  • If the water gets cloudy, change to clean water frequently, then lightly dab, and rub, repeating the process until the stain is gone

Step 2 for cleaning commercial wallpaper

  • Changing water often so that it remains clean and clear.
  • Add the pre-tested detergent to water
  • Using the diluted detergent for tough stains, repeat the process of lightly rubbing with the textured wallcovering.
  • After cleaning, be sure to dry with an absorbent cloth so the affected area can be examined to assure complete cleaning.
  • Read all labeled precautions when using any cleaning agents. Repeated use of cleaners will cause wall covering to lose its luster.

Last steps for making your commercial wallcovering shine

  • If the stain persists, try a soft bristle brush, and rinse it in the straight detergent, then lightly scrub the surface stain until removed.
  • Be sure to dry the stained area after each brushed attempt, and look at the cloth to see if the contaminant is being removed.
  • Try another detergent? Repeat the test, and repeat the above process.
  • After numerous attempts, with stains that will not dissolve, it may be best to change the wallcovering from each breakpoint.
  • Repeated use of cleaners in the same location can cause wall covering to lose its luster.

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