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The guest experience

A hotel’s design is the first impression to a guest. Hotel wallpaper in lobbies, hallways, meeting rooms, and guest rooms can set the ambiance with character throughout a hotel. Specifically designed wallpaper can create a unique look for any brand, by enabling the interior designer added flexibility toward designing the space. The use of custom wallpaper, incorporated with surrounding designs can also add a “Hotel Star to a property, just by adding hotel wallpaper to the scope of the overall interior design.

A clean look

Hotel wallpaper is washable. Unlike painted surfaces, which require costly and frequent maintenance intervals. Smudges and fingerprints from high traffic locations are constant in a public space. Quickly identifying, and removing unsightly marks from the wall covering is a simpler process than scheduling an area for constant re-painting. Wall covering distributors should work directly with housekeeping professionals for the best solutions, and spot removal techniques throughout a hotel’s interior. Cleanliness counts to the longevity of most hotel brands, Hotel wallpaper enables this process.


Premium quality 54 inch wide wall coverings have a fabric backing for long term adhesion, and ultimately, its removal when the time comes. This enables installers to quickly change or maintain areas that receive heavier traffic. A fabric backing supports easy removal, and new replacement. High traffic areas in hotels are usually confined to areas such as lobbies, entries, and corridors. Replacing several strips from breakpoint to breakpoint, while not disturbing the intact surfaces can save time, and save money.

Class A Type II 20oz

A Type II Class A 20oz heavier weight hotel wallpaper for corridors, and high traffic locations is recommended. A lighter weight 15oz hotel wallpaper is a less expensive benefit for guestrooms that receive less impact. Hotel wallpaper products should be tested under ASTM E-84 / CCC408 for architectural, and interior designer wallcovering specifications. Tests for air quality, color fastness, exposure, scrubbing cycles, and material spills such as mustard, ketchup, coffee, wine, etc, should meet specifications.

Equity value increases

Buildings are assessed by a comparable standard. Adding hotel wallpaper to any interior can add equity value to the building asset. Additional benefits include higher “R” rating for insulating factors, which will save energy over all seasons. Installing wall covering can translate to less maintenance costs than painting over time. This leads to lower operations costs for a building’s bottom line. What is hard to measure is the unique feeling a guest may have when entering an amazing space. The wow factor of hotel wallpaper can give a guest a moment to remember for a lifetime.

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