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Wallcovering Bountiful Arden

$1.88 per square foot
(200sqft minimum if in stock) Free shipping included.

This splash of tan and light green, make this wallcovering have an asymmetrically earthy feel. It has nice texture and a low gloss, it is washable and commercial grade.

In stock

Wallcovering Specification:

  • Width: 54 inches
  • Weight: 20oz. per Linear Yard
  • Fabric Backed: Cotton Osnaburg
  • ASTM E-84: Class A
  • Repeat: Call Office
  • Flame Spread: 20
  • Smoke Developed: 25


With an earthy feel and wonderfully asymmetrical hues of tan, taupe, and light green, this wallcovering creates a natural appeal on the wall. This delightful wallcovering would be perfect for commercial settings like offices and hospitality. This wall covering is washable and it is tested class A CCC-408D. ASTM E-84 tunnel tested and fire rated.

Commercial Wallcovering