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Claude Monet’s Water Lilies

$13.88 per square foot
(175sqft minimum) Free shipping included.


Commercial businesses that want to create a serene and calming atmosphere will find
Claude Monet’s Water Lilies an excellent choice for their wallcoverings. Monet’s
Impressionist masterpiece captures the beauty and tranquility of nature in its full glory,
making it an ideal option for businesses such as spas, hotels, resorts, and wellness
centers. The painting’s soothing and serene color palette creates a relaxing ambiance,
helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
This makes it perfect for businesses that aim to provide their clients with an environment
of peace and tranquility. The intricate and detailed brushwork of the painting creates a
sense of movement and flow, which will surely captivate the attention of anyone who lays
eyes on it. Water Lilies will undoubtedly make an excellent addition to any commercial
space that wants to create an ambiance of relaxation and peace.

Wallscape Specification:
Class A commercial rated 20oz premium grade smooth or textured wallcovering


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