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Japanese cherry blossom (17th century) vintage painting by Hasegawa School.

$13.88 per square foot
(175sqft minimum) Free shipping included.


Experience the timeless beauty of Japanese art with our exquisite wallcovering featuring
a vintage painting of Japanese cherry blossoms by the renowned Hasegawa School. This
captivating artwork transports you to the serene landscapes of ancient Japan, where the
delicate blossoms create an atmosphere of tranquility and grace.
Our Japanese cherry blossom wallcovering is a perfect choice for businesses seeking to
create a captivating and serene ambiance. Its elegance and cultural significance make it
well-suited for a variety of establishments, including upscale hotels, boutique spas,
Japanese restaurants, tea houses, and art galleries.
With its delicate and evocative charm, this Japanese cherry blossom wallcovering is a
versatile choice that brings a touch of elegance and cultural richness to any commercial
space. Its timeless appeal and tranquil energy will captivate your guests, leaving a lasting
impression and elevating your brand to new heights.
Transform your business into an enchanting haven with our Japanese cherry blossom
wallcovering and let the beauty of nature inspire a sense of serenity and harmony for all
who enter your space.

Wallscape Specification:
Class A commercial rated 20oz premium grade smooth or textured wallcovering


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