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Wallcovering Sable Brown

$1.88 per square foot
(200sqft minimum if in stock) Free shipping included.

This brown golden wallcovering combines areas of moderate gloss with a mild stucco texture. It has a natural asymmetrical look, and is rated for commercial use. This product is washable.

In stock

Wallcovering Specification:

  • Width: 54 inches
  • Weight: 20oz. per Linear Yard
  • Fabric Backed: Cotton Osnaburg
  • ASTM E-84: Class A
  • Repeat: Call Office
  • Flame Spread: 20
  • Smoke Developed: 25


This beautiful brown wallcovering combines areas of moderate gloss with areas of no gloss. Its asymmetrical look and low texture give it natural appeal, making it an ideal choice for commercial interiors like offices and hospitality. This wall covering is washable and tested class A CCC-408D. ASTM E-84 tunnel tested and fire rated.

Commercial Wallcovering