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How White Board Wallpaper Can Transform Your Office

With white board wallpaper, you’ll never complain again about not having enough free space to write. It also helps convey messages that are hard to forget and ignore. No more rummaging through those stacks of paper on your desk for that phone number, just write it up on the wall for a quick and easy find.

Let your five-year-old self run free again with white board wallpaper in your workplace.
Often find yourself searching for that sticky note you had just a couple of minutes ago? Or maybe you just need more space to jot down your notes.

Whatever the case may be, white board wallpaper can transform any room into a collaborative space.

The work office

If you’re running an office, you need to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible. Part of that is encouraging employee collaboration, but part of it is also keeping things organized and cost-effective. Implementing white board wallpaper within the office can help you do both.

Plus, for certain jobs, like engineering, architecture, and design, there’s no better addition to the workplace walls.


Encourage Employee Collaboration

You have an idea, why not share it with everyone else? Forget the long chains of emails, write it out on the wall instead.

According to the Harvard Review, the distribution of collaborative work is often extremely lopsided. You don’t usually see an equal amount of work put in by every employee. White board wallpaper gives employees the open space needed to share their ideas with their fellow coworkers. Even more, it invites those coworkers to participate and expand further on those ideas.

Got a presentation? Use the wall to discuss your ideas with the rest of the room. Help them visualize their thoughts by writing them out on white board wallpaper. Your whole presentation will be on display. It’s much better than just sifting through slides.

Lose the Office Supplies

After employees and benefits, office supplies can be one of the leading expenses for a company. Notepads, sticky notes, pens are all being used daily (and sometimes wasted daily) by employees. Erase one of the recurring costs on your company’s budget plans by investing in white board wallpaper.

Decrease the alarming amount of pens that go missing in an office space. Reduce the sticky notes taped to the bottoms of computer screens in a desperate attempt to remind us of a future task. With fewer office supplies to fit onto desk spaces, you’ll be encouraging more organization in the workspace.

Engineers, Architects, and Designers

Engineers, architects, and designers all have big visions for their creations. The problem is, most of the mediums that they typically use (computers, graph paper, etc.) don’t convey the scale or freedom that white board wallpaper can.

Imagine designing a colossal new building right on the walls of the office or working together with a team to solve complex equations. Step back and view your progress or erase it and start from scratch. It’s all possible with white board wallpaper.

The Home Office

For many of us, our 9-5 job doesn’t stop when we leave the office. The work follows us all the way back to our homes. Even in the digital age we live in today, typing notes on a computer just doesn’t have the same effect as writing them out. Organize all of your thoughts on one space with white board wallpaper.

Don’t forget the kids

You just caught her red-handed. Literally. Your three-year was drawing on the walls again with a red crayon. Stop this from happening again by placing white board wallpaper in the kids’ playroom. Suddenly, your kids have entire walls to create masterpieces on and you don’t have to worry about the cleanup.


That means more nights spent with a glass of wine binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix.

Get the Right Wallpaper

Make the most of your space with white board wallpaper. Whether you’re at home or in the office, you can take your work from the desk onto the walls. It even stands to benefit the kids who see walls as their blank canvas to draw on.


Expand your space today with white board wallpaper and spend less time looking for a piece of paper to write on.


Healthcare wallpaper saves resources

The commercial interior design of any space should be designed for maximum efficiency. This is especially true for the healthcare industry, where resources must be conserved and put towards improving patient care.

From installing solar panels on the roof to using energy efficient machines, there are many ways to cut costs. Healthcare wallpaper can help as well by saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.

For instance, if you purchase premium, heavy-duty, textured wallpaper that is Class A rated for interiors and tested under ASTM E-84 standards, then you could save a lot. These wall coverings have a high R-value, which means they have great insulating power. That means your facility will lower its operating costs.

Additionally, premium healthcare wallpaper not only lasts for 15 to 25 years, it can be cleaned with ease. When compared to painted walls, heavy-duty washable wallpaper saves you tens of thousands of dollars each year in labor expenses and other costs. That’s because painted walls have to be cleaned more frequently and take longer to clean. Also, with painted walls, you will have to be repaint sooner than you would have to replace a quality Class A healthcare wallpaper.

Since health care washable wallpaper is a cheaper option than painting, your healthcare organization will have more money to allocate towards enhancing patient services. This will help boost healing rates, as you’ll be able to give more attention to those that matter most: Your patients.

Make healthcare wallpaper work for your patients

Your commercial interior design has an impact on how your patients feel. By getting the right healthcare wallpaper for your facility, you can make sure this impact is positive. On top of that, with washable wallpaper and, white board wallpaper, you can save resources and improve communication amongst your staff—both of which will improve life for your patients.

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