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Paul Klee’s Rich Port (a travel picture, 1938) painting

$13.88 per square foot
(175sqft minimum) Free shipping included.


Wallcovering featuring Paul Klee’s “Rich Port” painting is a great addition to any
commercial space looking to add a touch of modern art to their decor. This painting
belongs to the Bauhaus art movement, which is known for its clean lines, geometric
shapes, and bold colors.
The vibrant colors and intricate shapes in “Rich Port” create a visually stunning design
that can instantly transform any space. This wallcovering would be ideal for businesses
that want to create a contemporary, sophisticated atmosphere, such as art galleries,
modern offices, and trendy hotels.
The bold design of “Rich Port” will add an element of excitement and energy to any room,
making it the perfect choice for businesses that want to stand out and make a statement.

Wallscape Specification:
Class A commercial rated 20oz premium grade smooth or textured wallcovering


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